Pysanka Power – Writing Eggs with Beeswax and Dyes

Instructions, information, and money saving tips for all levels of experience

About the eBook

Pysanka Power –
Writing Eggs with Beeswax and Dyes

Instrutions, information, and money saving tips for all levels of experience

by Joan Brander

eBook, 2014

48 p, col. ill.



Hone your pysanky skills with expert and best-selling author Joan Brander as she shares information, knowledge, hints and money-saving tips for all levels of experience. This eBook follows the print version of the popular Pysanka Power Pamphlets compiled, published, and printed since 1997. This eBook is enhanced with more than 50 photos and diagrams, more than 15 Christmas designs, and more information than ever before. Making pysanky has never been so easy, fun or affordable. Joan is proud to be preserving one of the great traditions of all time-PYSANKY!

Chapters include:

  • Raw Eggs versus Empty Eggshells
  • Hanging Pysanky
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Bleached Pysanky
  • Traditional Egg Division
  • Colours and Their Meaning
  • How to Get Beautiful Results the Very First Time
  • How to Empty Pysanky
  • More than 80 Pysanky Tips
  • Trypillian Pysanky

About the Author

Pysanka expert and best-selling author Joan Brander is an artist, author, instructor and lecturer who is at the forefront of preserving one of the great traditions of all time. Since learning the age-old tradition that was passed down through the generations from her grandmother whom she called "Baba", she has been passionate about advancing the culture and history of pysanky. She loves sharing her skills and knowledge and has been teaching Ukrainian egg decorating to kids of all ages since 1991.

An ancient legend says that as long as pysanky are being made, evil shall not prevail over good in the world. Joan is committed to saving the world . . . . one pysanka at a time.

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  • Joan Brander’s new eBook is a delight to read. Everything you need to know about this art form is laid out in a logical, easy to understand style that can be used by novices and experts alike. Out of ten Pysanka Power Pamphlets, I’ll mention three that caught my eye and inspiration. Chapter 3 - “Christmas Ornaments” deals with Christmas motifs which are very timely. Chapter 9 - “More than 80 Pysanky Tips” shows how the author is able to unscramble difficult concepts. It reflects her passion for this art and her willingness to share her expertise with readers. Chapter 10 - “Trypillian Pysanky” is an unexpected treasure, especially the book cover picture of magnificent eggs. My only regret is that a pamphlet on symbols and their meanings was not produced, but then, who needs that when this “how to” collection inspires all kinds creativity. I would highly recommend buying this book. (Joyce E. Chyrski, Librarian Emerita)
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