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Workshops in Schools Learn pysanky in 4 easy steps

Partners in Education — pysanky expert and best-selling author Joan Brander has been giving workshops in schools since 1991. Not long after, her husband Tom, a fabricator-welder by trade, started attending workshops with her.

Making pysanky in the classroom provides a strong curricular connecton and integrates with many disciplines such as visual, multicultural and language arts, social studies, math and science. Joan's model for classroom workshops have proven that students in all grade levels K to 12 are highly engaged while learning:

  • a technique that is rewarding and forgiving
  • communication skills such as listening
  • safety and how to work with delicate items
  • sharing
  • a cultural and traditional experience

Please note the following important dates in our calendar:

  • Easter Weekend (Good Friday to Easter Monday) - April 14-17, 2017
  • VSD Spring Break - March 13 to 17, 2017
  • RSD Spring Break - March 13 to 24, 2017
  • Delta School District - TBA
  • Langley School District - TBA
  • Surrey School District - TBA

But if you think that egg decorating is just for Easter, think again! How about a holiday design for Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas?

On this page:

Book Joan Brander for a Workshop

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What teachers are saying about my Workshops
"Just to let you know what kind of impression your workshops have....One of our previous students who did a workshop 2 years ago has a little brother at a different school and before he changed schools he and his mom asked if he could come back to our school just to do the pysanky workshop!! (He would have been in our class this year and he has asked me about it at least 2 dozen times over the last couple of years!!)"

Workshops That Work
Joan and Tom combine their expertise to implement their program model that is designed to accommodate up to 35 students. You provide the classroom—they take care of everything else.

How Pysanky are Made
Empty eggshells are decorated with motifs in the technique known as "wax resist". Traditional symbols, designs and patterns are applied with melted beeswax using a tool called a kistka. Eggs are dipped into successively darker dye baths. At the end of the process the beeswax is melted off to reveal a dazzling display of color. Link here to What are Pysanky and How They Are Made.

Designed for Busy Teachers

  • tailored so that everyone completes a pysanka
  • all materials are provided
  • each student has his/her own tools
  • technique is explained and demonstrated in a simple manner
  • easy, well thought out, step-by-step instructions
  • teaching aids (visual, auditory, sensory, etc.)
  • creativity is encouraged with examples and choices
  • children use eggs that have been emptied, rinsed, sealed and marked
Half-Day Workshops at a glance
  -introduction 05 min  
  -inspiring video presentation 15 min  
  -description of tools 10-15 min  
  -demonstration/safety 10-15 min  
  -technique 20-30 min  
  -recess 20 min  
  -technique 40-60 min  
  -conclusion (folk legends, Q&A) balance  

Phone Joan @ 604-275-8169 for current pricing

Classroom Supplies for Teachers

  • making pysanky is easy and fun for all grade levels K to 12
  • order your specialty supplies from Baba's Beeswax using our secure online shopping cart
  • many of the supplies needed can be easily collected from home or school or ordered from Baba's Beeswax
  • select this link for
    • Joan' Brander's list of suggested supplies to conduct your own pysanky workshop in the classroom
    • 3 workshop scenarios, depending on your circumstances
    • how to make pysanky for just over a dollar
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