Celebrate your Birthday with a Pysanka Party

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comPysanka Parties Eggs-plained

Discover the magic of an amazing pysanka birthday party to celebrate your special day! With basic tools and proper instruction anyone can make a beautiful pysanka the traditional way. Not only is it easy and fun, it's also a valuable learning experience. It gives children of all ages confidence to create something unique and beautiful. Not only do they learn an ancient technique, they respect instructions and the responsibility of using tools and equipment. You can enjoy yourself, too, since everything is provided and we take care of everything from set-up to clean-up!

Even at a very young age, children can be proud of what they’ve created.

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comEggs-actly what does a pysanka party include?

  • 2 hours of hands-on fun in our spacious studios (or custom-timed for your convenience)
  • all tools and equipment
  • easy, well thought out, step-by-step instructions
  • captivating video
  • teaching aids (visual, auditory, sensory, etc.)
  • examples and choices to encourage creativity
  • eggs that have been emptied and rinsed out
  • theme-related party loot bags

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comParty Eggs-tras

  • hands-on tour of our onsite Pysanky Gallery featuring thousands of eggs, artifacts and things to touch
  • age appropriate story in our onsite Pysanka Library

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comEggs-traordinary Loot Bags

As a memento of this special occasion, party guests each take home a colourful gift bag containing:

  • a beautiful hand-made pysanka that they proudly made themselves on an empty eggshell
  • a Certificate of Authenticity
  • an attractive egg stand to safely display thekeepsake
  • all the tools to practice and enjoy the activity again with their newly acquired skill
    • step-by-step instructions
    • coloured designs, helpful hints, important information, practice designs
    • eggshell dyes
    • size medium kistka
    • pure beeswax
    • bookmark

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comOur Eggs-ceptional Studios

  • located in Richmond, BC
  • fully equipped for hands-on fun
  • theme-related decorations are provided
  • Studio A accommodates 8 people comfortably
  • Studio B for 10 people or more can be used for:
    • larger parties
    • catered food service or bring your own snacks
    • play or activity area for younger siblings or guests

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comAges

  • 5 years and up

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comWhat to wear

  • comfortable clothing
  • long hair tied back in pony tail

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com
Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com
Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com
Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com
Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comEggs-citing Invitations

Download and print a free colour invitation here. Various designs available depending on your eggs-citement.

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com    
I luv to party Birthday Girl Happy Birthday    



Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comEggs-spenses

  • $250 for use of both Studio A and Studio B and 2 instructors
  • $15 for supplies and loot bag for each guest

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.comWant to do it yourself?

Contact us for more information about a custom Party Pak such as the one pictured to the right

Custom Party Pak for a party of 5

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com

Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com Pysanky Party Kits - have everything your child needs for a party with friends and can be used for a theme-based birthday party grab bag! this kit features step-by-step instructions, colored designs, helpful hints, important information and practice designs; 1 pure beeswax; 1 size medium kistka; 3 pysanky dyes used in the instructions (yellow, scarlet, black), and 1 bookmark for only $14.99. The party grab bag can also be enhanced with egg stands or other pysanky supplies. Buy pysanky supplies from babasbeeswax.com
Pysanka parties from babasbeeswax.com Pysanka Power! Birthday Party Ideas & Planner by Joan Brander. A perfect partner to our Pysanky Party Kits. More info about this book. Buy pysanky supplies from babasbeeswax.com
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