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Learn to Make Pysanky with Joan Brander

Saving the world one pysanka at a time . . . .™

"An ancient legend says that a vicious monster lies heavily chained to a huge cliff. When few pysanky are being made, the chains loosen and evil begins to destroy the world. But when many pysanky are being made, the chains of the monster tighten, allowing love to conquer evil."

This is an extract from Pysanky on Paper : An Activity Book for Children by Joan Brander: Richmond, BC 1997, ISBN 978-0-9681922-0-7. Pysanky is the great gift of hope because as long as pysanky are being made, evil shall not prevail over good in the world.

Teach the teacher

With her 35+ years experience teaching this part of her heritage, Joan has formulated several models for children and adults alike to learn to make pysanky the traditional way with beeswax, kistka and dyes. With the right tools and proper instruction, anyone from 6 to 96 can make Ukrainian Easter eggs. See more about our resident pysanka expert here. Spring is just around the corner and Good Friday is on March 29th. It's time to learn pysanky — the great gift of hope!

Contact Joan to tap into her expertise in teaching pysanky Joan Brander.

On this page:

Want to learn how to pronounce "pysanky" and "pysanka"?
 Listen to this audio recording by Joan Brander 2022

Let's Write a Pysanka – Workshops in 2023 - SOLD OUT!

Learning pysanky in a workshop is easy, fun and affordable and so is just honing your skills if that's where you're at. Our pysanky expert Joan Brander will guide you step-by-step on ZOOM (MS TEAMS and Facebook videoconference also available). She provides the same live instruction, demonstration, and troubleshooting that she would give in person. Participant engagement remains the same with performing the hands-on technique.

Sample Workshops:

Star rosette design in a workshop with Joan Brander of

Discover the Magic of Pysanky
The star rosette is a favourite design. Get creative with the unlimited variation and colour this pattern offers.

Berehynia motif in a workshop with Joan Brander of

Ancient Mother Goddess
Berehynia, the matriarchal protectress is a symbol of mother earth in all her splendour designed with arms raised in the act of creation.

Sunflower symbol of Ukraine in a workshop with Joan Brander of

Stand With Ukraine
Make pysanky. Not war. Adorn a pysanka with motifs of the national flower of Ukraine, a symbol of hope, or a tryzub trident symbol.


Please send us an email or phone Joan at 604.275.8169 for:

  • inquiries regarding our Workshops
  • to pre-register for a Workshop
  • to discuss a corporate event

What People are Saying

Corporate Event Feb 23, 2023: Hi Joan, We had such a great time at the event – everyone loved it so much that we are starting a studio Pysanky Club!! Thank you so much for all your attention to detail and for hanging out with us. Attached are some of our photos from the evening! Best, MC

Workshop Mar 4, 2023: Hi Joan, You know I got my first real pysanky supplies at your booth at Lougheed Mall one Easter, so long ago! Thank you for introducing me to this incredible art! Anyways I just "heart" pysanky. Thanks Baba's Beeswax!!


Partners in Education

We've been collaborating with teachers and schools since 1991. Whether in the classroom or at home online learning, making pysanky provides a strong curricular connecton and integrates with many disciplines such as visual, multicultural and language arts, social studies, math and science. Students learn:

  • a technique that is rewarding and forgiving
  • communication skills such as listening
  • safety and how to work with delicate items
  • sharing
  • a cultural and traditional experience

Accessible and affordable supplies from Baba's Beeswax together with our free Pysanky Online Teacher Guide and YouTube Video Learn to Write Pysanky the traditional way with beeswax and dyes for Teachers, Parents and Students have proven that students in all grade levels K to 12 are highly engaged while learning. For physical classroom teaching check out this list of classroom supplies or give us a call. internal linkLink to the syllabus for at-home or classrooom learning

But if you think that egg decorating is just for Easter, think again! How about a holiday design for Mother's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What Teachers are Saying About Us

Manitoba Retired Teacher: You have far surpassed any instructional unit developed for classroom use. Usually, teachers have to prepare what they are about to teach, but you have already done the job for them! You have provided a wealth of information, especially the "teaching aids" which are so impressive!

  • information via multi-sensory approaches
  • ready-made digital and printable instructional materials
  • teaching aids in English, French and Ukrainian for Immersion Schools
  • the "fun activities for kids" is always a classroom motivator
  • all these teaching aids are FREE - what a bonus

Calgary Teacher: I wanted to let you know that my VP placed an order with you last last week. We were thrilled (and extremely impressed) when it arrived. I am extremely excited to get to lead this with our grade 3 class. We will definitely keep you in mind when we need to replace or purchase additional items.


Teacher Kit for Rent - an Affordable Option

Great for Girl Guides and other groups too!

You can rent Joan's Brander's entire Workshop Kit for your classroom valued at more than $700 for only $99! What you get for 3 groups of 4 students:

Specialty Items

Teaching Aids What you provide Terms:
  • 12 beeswax blocks
  • 12 size medium kistka
  • 12 kistka / candleholders
  • 12 candles
  • 12 colour-coded jars (YORB)
  • 12 colour-coded pysanka lifters (YORB)
  • Student Handout for Pysanky
  • 3 pamphlets of traditional designs
  • 1 dozen model pysanky
  • 3 laminated star rosette designs
  • laminated Pysanky Workshop Visual Aids by Joan Brander ©2022 ISBN 978-1-897253-63-2
  • PowerPoint Discover the Magic of Pysanky : An overview on how to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs
  • Video Learn to Write Pysanky the Traditional Way with Beeswax and Dyes
  • award-winning DVD Pysanka: The Ukrainian Easter Egg
  • flat working surface
  • eggs at room temperature
  • paper towels
  • 12 pre-prepared dyes (YORB)
  • use what you need and return the rest
  • pick up one day after 3 pm and return the next day before 6 pm
  • refundable deposit required
  • charges for additional days will apply
  • you assume all responsibility for any potential risk using these products
Buy pysanky supplies from Teacher Kit for Rent      
Buy pysanky supplies from Refundable Deposit      

Enrichment Programs

Joan's hands-on interactive workshops suitable for all age groups (families, same-age participants, corporate events, etc.) are done online via ZOOM or MS TEAMS.

The following are typical designs that are created by all age levels.

Easter Eggs pysanky on Easter eggs – these traditional pysanky designs are easy and fun to make.

Hanging Christmas ornament pysanky on Hanging Christmas ornament– this is a classic snowflake design admired by everyone.

Visual Arts in the Community

By supporting not-for-profit organizations in their special events, Joan entertains not only at Easter but all year round. Whether celebrating the seasons or participating in festivals, Joan believes in giving back to the community and she does it in a unique way. The festive atmosphere is enhanced when children and adults alike gravitate to her continuous-intake hands-on pysanky pavilion where everyone from 6 to 96 learns while being creative and takes away a beautiful keepsake of the event. It's a yearly tradition!

Pysanka Birthday Parties

You can still ZOOM your special day with an amazing pysanka birthday party using our free Pysanky Online Teacher Guide and Learn to Write Pysanky the traditional way with beeswax and dyes for Teachers, Parents and Students Video on our YouTube Channel and on our Facebook page! No eggs-perience necessary.

Not only is it easy and fun, it's also a valuable learning experience. As a memento, your party guests will have an eggs-traordinary built-in loot bag of a beautiful hand-made pysanka they proudly made themselves.

All the tools they'll need to follow along in the video are in the Student Kit which they can use to practice and enjoy again with their newly acquired skill (1 pure beeswax, 1 size medium kistka, yellow, orange, red and black pysanky dyes).

Download a pdf file from BabasBeeswax.comDownload and email a free colour invitation to your party guests. Various designs available depending on your eggs-citement.

Purchase a Student Pysanky Kit from
Buy pysanky supplies from
Pysanka parties from Pysanka parties from Pysanka parties from    
I luv to party Birthday Girl Happy Birthday

Displays, Demonstrations and Lectures

  • flexible length to suit your needs and audience
  • demonstration of tools and technique
  • visually enhanced with examples of symbols and their meaning
  • cultural, traditional and historical significance
  • folk legends
  • large-scale models for visually-impaired audience
  • available for your corporate team-building event
  • lesson on how to recognize designs mistaken for pysanky technique

Baba's Beeswax internal linkLink to Contact and Connect With Us to get in touch and discuss your circumstances.

Joan Brander demonstrates pysanky Joan Brander lectures pysanky Joan Brander displays pysanky

Other Places to Learn

Link to our free Teacher Guide and syllabusLink to our free Teacher Guide and online syllabus

Listen to our Pysanka Power Podcast Listen to our Pysanka Power Podcast internal link Link to What are pysanky and how they are made

Watch a video on our YouTube channel (Learn to Write Pysanky the traditional way with beeswx and dyes for Teachers, Parents and Students)

Baba's Beeswax YouTube channel Watch our You-Tube channel playlists for book previews, pysanky how to's and DIY, a peak inside the workings of Baba's Beeswax, celebrations and more . . . .

Look at Joan Brander's iluvpysanky Flickr albums for photos and videos of the past 35+ years

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