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About Us

We're a Canadian family and pretty proud of that.Thank you for over 33 years of patronage since 1991! On this page:

Interesting things about us:
Easter eggs, the eastern European way video
Link to our Stand With Ukraine page featuring our humanitarian aid to this war-torn country
Rread a pdf file from BabasBeeswax.comRead The Globe and Mail article about us "Fire and Colour" April 11, 2020 edition

Listen to CBC the Early Edition with host Stephen Quinn interviewing Joan Brander "How resiliency of Easter pysanky tradition gives Ukrainian-Canadians hope" April 10, 2023

Watch a video on BabasBeeswax.comWatch an interview on Shaw TV on March 23, 2016
Link to to watch videoWatch the video to the right of an interview on CBC Vancouver by Gloria Macarenko on March 27, 2016 (our Vancouver: Easter eggs, the eastern European way)
See the entire list of Baba's Beeswax in the spotlight here

The story of Baba's BeeswaxOur Story

Baba's Beeswax was founded in 1991 by Joan Brander. As a child in rural Saskatchewan she was fascinated with the Ukrainian tradition of pysanky that was passed down through the generations from her grandmother, whom she called "Baba". Joan began demonstrating pysanky in the community where educators and program directors took notice of her teaching skills and friendly manner. It wasn't long before they asked her to conduct workshops for them.

The increasing demand for Joan's knowedge about pysanky and for affordable and accessible supplies motivated her to do more with her egg decorating hobby. As her early years were spent in her parents' hardware store, starting her own pysanka enterprise was a logical next step. She didn't have to look far to find the ideal name: Baba because she was her inspiration and teacher—Beeswax because of its significance to the technique.

We have been publishing pysanka-themed books, videos, powerpoints, newsletters, teaching aids and pamphlets since 1995. A pioneer on the internet, we have had a website since 1997. Today Baba's Beeswax, with its whimsical name, continues as a family business located in Richmond, BC. Joan's husband Tom, a fabricator-welder by trade, teamed up with her to add his technical and safety skills (see example in a video clip here). He not only helps with the day-to-day business of workshops and kits, but also manufactures many supplies we sell. Our workforce has grown as family and friends from Toronto to Vancouver have shown interest in what we do and how we do it.

Our Vision

To inspire and encourage beginners, experts, and anyone interested in Ukrainian egg decorating to discover the magic of one of the great traditions of all time—PYSANKY!

Our Mission

From pysanky supplies and kits to workshops and books, we have everything you need to make beautiful pysanky the traditional way. Learning pysanky is easy, fun and affordable.

Our Team

A Family Business since 1991 – some of our pysanky experts
Joan Brander Tom Brander Jacob
Joan Tom Jacob
Our Facilities in Richmond
Joan Brander in her pysanky studio at Joan Brander in her pysanky gallery at Joan Brander in her pysanky library at
Our Studio Our Gallery Our Library
Our Mascots    
Guy Kistka Panya Pysanka  

Our Publications

Books, eBooks and Teaching Aids

  • About the Pysanka – It Is Written! A Bibliography by Joan Brander – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2007. (ISBN 978-1-897253-14-4)
  • About the Pysanka – It Is Written! A Bibliography by Joan Brander – eBook by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2014. (ISBN 978-1-897253-14-4)
  • Fire Safety Guidelines for Using Candles when Writing Pysanky– by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2023 (ISBN 978-1-897253-69-4)
  • Lesson Plan - How to Make A Star Rosette – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2006. (ISBN 978-1-897253-10-6)
  • My First Pysanka – Symbols my Baba taught me – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2018. (ISBN 978-1-897253-45-8)
  • Pysanka Power! Birthday Party Ideas & Planner – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 1-897253-24-9)
  • Pysanka Power! Birthday Party Ideas & Planner – eBook by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 1-897253-25-0)
  • Pysanka Power – Writing Eggs with Beeswax and Dyes: Instructions, information, and money saving tips for all levels of experience – by J. Brander. eBook, 2014. (ISBN 978-1-8972553-34-2)
  • Pysanky 4 Fun – A Collection of Trilingual Activities 4 Kids – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2018. (ISBN 978-1-897253-11-3)
    • Student Practice Sheet Pysanky for Fun Symbols and Their Meanings – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2006. (ISBN 978-1-897253-11-3) in English
    • Student Practice Sheet On s'amuse avec Pysanky Les symboles et leurs significations – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2014. (ISBN 978-1-897253-31-1) in French
    • Student Practice Sheet Pihsahnkih dlya Zadovolennya Symvoly ta yikh Znachennya – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2017. (ISBN 978-1-897253-43-4) in Ukrainian
    • Pysanky Party Hey Kids! It's a pysanky party with Guy Kistka, Katie Kandle, the Dye Guys, and Baby Beeswax– by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2014. (ISBN 978-1-897253-41-0)
    • Activity Sheet Pysanky Egg-tivity Scrambled Pysanky Egg Words – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 1997. (ISBN 978-1-897253-40-3)
    • Activity Sheet What would Guy Kistka Say? – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2014. (ISBN 978-1-897253-42-7)
    • Activity Sheet Pysanky 4 Fun Crossword Puzzle – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 1997. (ISBN 978-1-8997253-39-7)
  • Pysanky Color Sequence Chart – by J. Brander, Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2021. (ISBN 978-1-897253-37-3)
  • Pysanky Color Sequence Chart – by J. Brander, Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2023. (ISBN 978-1-897253-66-3)
  • Pysanky on Paper: An Activity Book for Children – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 1997. (ISBN 0-9681922-0-3, formerly published by Bluenose Press
  • Pysanka Power Pamphlets
    • Pysanka Power #2 Trypillian Designs – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-23-6)
    • Pysanka Power #4 Hanging Pysanky – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-22-9)
    • Pysanka Power #5 Holiday Ornaments – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-21-2)
    • Pysanka Power #6 Bleached Pysanky – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-20-5)
    • Pysanka Power #7 Traditional Egg Division – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-19-9)
    • Pysanka Power #8 Colors and Their Meanings – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-18-2)
    • Pysanka Power #9 How to Get Beautiful Results the Very First Time – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-17-5)
    • Pysanka Power #10 How to Empty Your Pysanky – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-16-8)
    • Pysanka Power #12 More than 80 Pysanky Tips – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2012. (ISBN 978-1-897253-15-1)
    • Pysanka Power #13 Ancient Mother Goddess Berehynia – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2022 (ISBN 978-1-897253-55-7)
  • Pysanky Workshop Visual Aids – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax 2022. (ISBN 978-1-897253-63-2)
  • Snowflake Eggs – How to Make Christmas Ornaments the Batik Way – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2019. (ISBN 978-1-897253-50-2)
  • Tips and Hints from pysanky expert Joan Brander : Raw Eggs vs Empty Eggshells – by J. Brander. Richmond, BC: Baba's Beeswax, 2020

Pysanka Power Podcast

  • Episode 1 – The Essentials of Pysanky Ukrainian Easter Eggs
  • Episode 2 – The Ancient Origins of Pysanky and Stories Told About Them
  • Episode 3 – All About Pysanky Dyes
  • Episode 4 – Traditional Pysanky Symbols – Geometric Patterns
  • Episode 5 – The Technique of Using Pencil Guidelines for Pysanky
  • Episode 6 – Types of Ukrainian Decorated Eggs

Pysanka Power Videos on Watch videos on Baba's Beeswax YouTube channel YouTube Channel iluvpysanky



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Follow us and our cute and whimsical mascot character "Panya Pysanka" for these and other regular posts on anything pysanky-related. To share our knowledge, our team of experts at draws on not only our heritage, but also over 33 years teaching pysanky to all ages and levels of experience since 1991.

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Panya Pysanka, a cute mascot character depicting Ukrainian Easter Tuesday Tips This is a bi-weekly series of tips and troubleshooting for eggs, beeswax, kistka, dyes, candles, pencil guidelines, removing beeswax, emptying your eggs, varnishing your pysanky, using a drying board, displaying your pysanky and more . . . .
Take a Look. Read a Book! Discover the magic of pysanky, one book at a time. We show you book previews of pysanky books to add to your collection
Friday Funnies Who couldn't use a little pysanka humour to start off the weekend?
A Pysanka Poem Worth Sharing Discover the magic of pysanky one poem at a time in our monthly sharing of these words arranged purposefully with meaning, sound, and rhythm
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Pysanky expert Joan BranderOur Pysanky Expert Joan Brander

Joan has her own page on our website. Please select this link for information about her passion, vision, mission, accomplishments, media attention and more . . .

What our fans are saying - pre-social mediaWhat Our Fans Said About Us – Before Social Media was a thing!

  • (Mar 10, 2012) from Meridith, Lexington, Indiana - Hello! I appreciate the personal email. Everything arrived just fine; thanks for excellent service! My oldest son, who is 32 this year, is my pysanky partner. He designs beautiful eggs; his favorite design is fashioned after Grecian pottery. In fact, he asked for some books on Greek pottery for his birthday this year so he could get some new ideas. He also makes what he refers to as "Art Deco" eggs. He and I also have made several "scarab" eggs, with a scarab beetle on one side and heiroglyphics on the other. Through the years, I have tried to make an egg each year for each of my children (5 of them!) commemorating that year's milestones (sports accomplishments, graduations, hobbies, colleges, etc.) Now when we get out the eggs each year, everyone has a basket of eggs that is a scrapbook of sorts! As they get married and have their own homes, they take their eggs with them. Now I'm working on eggs for the grandchildren. The quality of our eggs has improved greatly since we have been ordering supplies from you! Thanks again.
  • (Jan 24, 2011) from Mary, Cody, Wyoming - I enjoy working with you because of the excellent customer service and friendly reply. I especially enjoyed the apple green dye. It worked really well with the dark green and the jade green for trees.
  • (Dec 14, 2010) from Jon, Idaho - Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me over the phone this afternoon Joan. I was waffling back and forth quite a bit about whether or not to spend the money on introducing pysanky to my wife and daughter, but you were so helpful and knowledgeable that It just felt like the right choice to make. I've gotten so used to ordering things impersonally over the internet that I had forgotten how nice It is to do business with friendly people who care about what they do and the products they are selling.
  • (Mar 2, 2008) from David, Mesa, Arizona - Thanks again for being there to provide the tools and resources needed by folks like me who want to learn this art form. I look forward to many years of enjoyment decorating eggs.
  • (Feb 20, 2008) from Delaney, Cooper City, Florida - I have been doing pysanky since I was a little girl with my Ukrainian grandmother. Both my mother and sister are artists and I have always been the least artistically inclined of the three of us. However, I've found that my passion for color, and the repetitive patterns of pysanky along with the history and fond childhood memories have incited some sort of a passion for me and have created an unlikely artistic outlet where before I had none. It's been several years since I last dyed some eggs as I found finding black dye and beeswax was harder than I imagined. Your website was like an oasis. I am so excited to get out my kitskas. Thank you.
  • (Feb 12 2008) from Roberta, San Antonio, Texas - I don't know what the magic stuff is in your varnish, but I think its fabulous for pysanky. Never could find anything better.
  • (March 12, 2007) from Daphne - Just a quick note to say thanks for the terrific workshop on Tuesday. All the kids (and parents!) had a great time. I was stunned that Duncan actually finished his egg. As I told you, he NEVER does art. (He is learning disabled and gifted -- music is his passion and he's never shown any interest in the visual). It was great to see him captivated by the project -- and actually finish It!! He was very proud of himself and he even did another egg the next day, using the kit we bought. Thanks again.
  • (Mar 10, 2007) from Shannon King, Program Coordinator - I cannot thank you enough for putting on another fantastic workshop for the Delta Museum and Archives. Your workshop is so well organized and so enjoyable. It is such a pleasure to hear the laughter coming from the program room, knowing that the participants are having a wonderful time at your workshop.
  • (Mar 18, 2004) from Linda- My interest in pysanky started when our daughter was in Northern Sask. working at her first teaching position. That was about 6 or 7 years ago. We were fortunate to be able to visit her there, and one of the other teachers was a Ukrainian girl from southern Sask. She showed a few of us the technique and I've made a few eggs each year since. I also share the ideas with my friends and co-workers. I'll have a few girls here in the evening, and we all try our hand at decorating eggs. I think It is a wonderful tradition that would have been great to grow up with. Thanks again for providing a Canadian site to order my supplies.
  • (Mar 18, 2004) from Lisa- I received my order last Tuesday and created my first three eggs yesterday (Wednesday). I am thrilled. This is a lot of fun. I am not doing “traditional designs” because I had It in my mind to try stain glass like pictures on the eggs. It is working!!! Or at least on a learning curve level It is. – LOL.
  • This is so great. I retired as a technical computer trainer two years ago and began to pursuer my dreams in woodworking – inlay, sculpture, and art furniture. I also love hockey, not playing, teaching other who have not grown up with It how to enjoy watching. Combining two passions, earlier this year I joined some friends as they attempted to introduce a new minor league hockey team (UHL Columbus Stars) here in central Ohio. My NHL team is the Columbus Blue Jackets. Your Canucks just acquired Sanderson from us, hope he does well for you. I know he will love Vancouver. But the Stars failed financially and folded in January (We were #1 in the league – this was a terrible blow to all of us.) So I retreated to my workshop in the mountains of North Carolina. We have a log home on top of a mountain there. Unfortunately I took a tumble down the stairs and broke my foot! This has not been my favorite winter. So I had to return to Ohio and after four weeks found out I had to have surgery. So I am totally off my feet and can not go anywhere. It is my right foot so even when I can walk a bit I can not drive. This is where you come to my rescue. I can not do my woodworking with out my shop or tools and I have to stay off my feet. Another dream of mine was to try dyed pictures on eggs. I have seen demos on HGTV (home and garden TV) but I thought It would be expensive or hard to get the materials, etc. When I found your website I was thrilled. A week ago Tuesday I had my surgery and to be honest was a little depressed and bored with the realization of extended recuperation time. I am lucky I was not injured more, please understand I am not complaining, just sharing the facts. So the day after my surgery I order your kit! WHAT FUN!!! I am looking forward to making a lot of thank you egg gifts for my wonderful neighbors, family and friends who have been so kind to me.
  • (Apr 1, 2003) from Trish - My mom is Lithuanian and when I was growing up, her cousin decorated eggs. Not as colorful as the traditional Ukrainian ones, but made with lots of love and care. I have some pysanky over 50 years old that belonged to her! I was happy to find your site with everything I need. Eggstreamly eggcited artist who wants to keep the old tradition alive.
  • (Dec 6, 2002) from Marcia in Massachusetts-Boston - I am somewhat new to pysanky--I am the kid next door who loved the history and tradition of Ukraine as told by my friend's grandma. Now I am many years older and would like to get back to It again. I loved your web site; It inspired me to get re-started.
  • (Aug 16, 2001) from Myrna in Freehold, NJ - I find pysanky very relaxing. It helps quiet my mind during a very busy Lent and Easter season (I'm a minister). The supplies I ordered are going to be used at a camp I am directing for people living with AIDS. I am hoping that they find creating Pysanky a way to focus and also create beauty in their lives. Peace.
  • (Aug 3, 2001) from Joyce in Toronto - I have an interesting story to tell you. I was wearing your t-shirt on the 15 hour ferry between Argentia, Newfoundland and North Sydney, Nova Scotia. I was standing in the food lineup, and this woman comes over to me and says "I noticed your logo. I've bought stuff from you". I then had to explain that I was your sister, and not you. She said that she loved your products and we had a nice chat. Gord and I wear your t-shirts often, and sometimes they get noticed with the most interesting comments from people. Keep up the good work.
  • from Monica in New Brunswick (Canada) - My pysanky supplies arrived!! Yay! A VERY big thank you!! I got my stuff today in the mail and It all looks great. My biggest regret is not choosing to order all the pysanky stuff I ordered through your company. I'm just starting to do this stuff and I spent a lot of time trying to find good prices, etc. on the internet. Your company stood out to me. I really love the layout of your's very user friendly. I was going to order all my stuff from you, but I was feeling impatient, so I found a site that I could order everything directly over the Internet rather than mailing my order in. BIG MISTAKE!! Although ordering was quick, their delivery hasn't been. They live much closer to me, but you guys sent everything so speedily and in great shape!!! Thanks a million! I PROMISE to order all my stuff from you! Keep up the great work!
  • from Diane, a teacher in Port Coquitlam, B.C.- I just wanted to thank you for the prompt service you gave us! I'd also like to thank you for all the extra price lists for my workshop. I look forward to ordering from you again next season
  • from Jamie - It is so wonderful to be able to order these supplies from you. Thanks again, I am sure to be a regular customer!
  • from Lynne - Hi. Just to let you know that my order arrived on Tuesday. The package survived the trip quite nicely, and everything is in good order. I cannot say the same of my four-year old who was really disappointed the package was not for him! Thanks for your help and quick response to my order. I look forward to dealing with you again in the near future.
  • From Carol - The order came in and looks like everything arrived in good condition. You certainly packaged the eggshells well. Usually they are the first to break. Anyway I am anxious to get started and try your products. Thank you
  • from Lou - Just to let you know I received my order and It arrived in good shape. Thank you for the prompt delivery. I am excited to try out all the new colors. I am happy to find out that I could order so many things from you. Thanks again.
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